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What do you think of when you see a dandelion?

Weeds. They grow insanely fast and choke out all things good. They pop up overnight just to taunt you. Really what good is there about a weed?

Life is full of losses. Loss of dreams, loss of loved ones. Seems never ending really. In our family we are constantly surrounded by memories of our unborn children. The agony of grief hangs out in the shadows behind the smiles. What is good about grief?

Motherhood is an exhausting, never ending role. Toddlers live to destroy everything and call it a day well spent. Long nights, sicknesses and never a second alone. What is good about motherhood?

Today I strapped my 3 youngest in the van and drove the 20 minutes to school to pick up 3 more. Heartache had touched me deeply today. It appeared to be a normal Wednesday. Except for the silent tears that fell as I drove. And I pondered..really what good is there in this mess of a life? What is waiting on the other side, or rather..when is that other shoe going to drop? I’m always waiting for it. Because it does drop. And we are thrown back deep in the sea of sorrows once again. And yet there must be some good, even when our hearts ache. In the back seat a sweet little 3yr old voice pipes up. “Dandewions! Dandewions! Wook!” the 5yr old, not to be outdone by little brother, starts to shout “dandelions!” at every sighting. And well it is spring time..so that’s a lot. Soon they were chanting “dandelions!” together nonstop. At first I was annoyed. But as their excitement grew it made me laugh. Dandelions! How exciting.

Beautiful spots of yellow in the soft green grass. Tiny hands full of dandelions during our afternoon walks, picked just for mommy. Children running to pick as many yellow puffs as they can while giggles echo in the air. What joy dandelions bring my family. These weeds that we all long to kill off because they are a major annoyance. God had a secret. This seemingly worthless weed is no weed at all. Dandelions are not weeds. They are beautiful flowers.

They aren’t worthless. They actually have medicinal value. But it’s the beauty hidden inside this overgrown weed that is important. They are symbols of life moving on through the cold, harsh winter. They are the soft hugs when the world is harsh and the day was too long. They are beautiful spots of color in a dull world. They are “I love you” from the smallest of hearts. They are fading memories of happier times. They are joy.


Just ask any adorable 3yr old with a hand full of dandelions and a heart full of love.

Moments like that make this beautiful mess of a life worth living.

I’ll never see a weed again. Thank you Lord for the beauty in the things we take for granted.


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